Mainstream Psychosis and the Media Deception

With the events of the last few weeks I found it pertinent to ask the question, why are so many people in a state of psychosis?

As I am writing this, I’m currently in Canada on business, but en route to the airport, I entered a conversation about the recent events in France, namely the Charlie Hebdo killings. My taxi driver is a former army squaddie, and a person who I do class as a friend, however, after discussing the events in Paris and the subsequent shenanigans surrounding the farcical events, I came to a conclusion that even the most open minded of people can still be duped into believing the media lies surrounding false flag “terrorist” attacks.

The first instance of “dupiness” , if that’s even a word, regards the footage of the policeman being shot at virtually point blank range. Now I am no weapons expert but I have read enough about AK47’s and know that a bullet from one of them bad boys inflicts much trauma to say the least. But according to my ex squaddie taxi driver the lack of blood can be accounted for as the bullet “could have passed all the way through”…..really? Now maybe I gave my friend too much credence, being in the army and all that, but I thought that with his experience of warfare, he would agree that the footage lacked certain traits of a persons head being shot at point blank range.

Now, wet behind the ears I might be,  but he disagreed and even got tetchy at even then mention that the video could have been staged. Even just the idea that people would do such I thing couldn’t be comprehended by this ex decorated soldier. This scenario now begs a very different question. Is it me? or have certain people who normally you would class as intelligent, gone crazy ? or is it something fundamentally more sinister?

Is there a psychosis rotting the brains of the normally sane? For me its a clear cut false flag or a problem, reaction, solution scenario. As much as I tried to debate this point, I was treated with distain. I felt uncomfortable by this conversation by now and wondered weather to change the subject, but I held onto my nerve and pursued the reasons behind why he thought this was real.

“The Muslim’s have to go” was his reply ! It then dawned on me, the extent to which the power of the propaganda initiated by the media really has. I mean, the difference in opinion that we shared was getting to a point of  absurdity.

The mainstream media is a cancer on the good people of this country, and the world. It is an entity with unbridled power, which I probably underestimated. But how do we change this power struggle into the favour of the rational?

Is “divide and conquer”, the oldest trick in the book, still going to reign in a society which is said to be living in the age of awareness and information? How do we un-label the labelled? I know in this piece of writing, people reading this are going to wonder why I’m pondering so many questions, but the frustration of trying to open the eyes of the people I come into contact with is growing daily and I often wonder if there is a method which can be relied upon to enforce this mass awakening to the truth.

Taking a breath and contemplating this dilemma is probably a common trait for us all, but who has the answers? I know what’s true in my heart, and my head (well at least I hope so). How to we overcome this obstacle?

Anyway I’ve used enough question marks now in this rant, its now your turn to help me debate this question….!!!