Entering the matrix

Darkly Illuminated


Matrix perception

When I was young, maybe around 8 years of age, I had an overwhelming feeling that there was more to this five sense reality than what was being portrayed. I could feel “it” everywhere I went, whether it be at home in my room or at school, or even when I was partaking in a paper round to earn money for that paranormal magazine I so craved every two weeks.

I think, looking back, that the paranormal subject was, at the time, my first taste of the mystery that surrounded my inquisitiveness. Obviously I didn’t realise it at the time, but that first major interest in “mystery” was going to define the rest of my life, well until the present ripe old age of 32. I did experience different peaks and troughs, so to speak, but I always knew that somehow I was slightly different than the rest of my boyhood peers. I…

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Is the “Economist” magazine cover a prophesy for 2015 ?


The well known Economist magazine has just published it’s new cover and it’s a strange one to say the least. Many global figures of power feature on it, past and present included. Now I am going to ask for an open mind on this post so bare with me.

So firstly, who owns the magazine itself ? Well it seems, according to Wikipedia that it is half owned by the banking family, the infamous Rothschild’s. (see link) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Economist

Now that shouldn’t be surprising really seeing as they “are” the economy, however, inspecting the cover of the current edition, things tend to look a little more sinister even with an untrained eye. So lets have a look and see if we can attempt to brake this down a little.

The first thing that strikes me is the randomness of the people or characters shown. We have Obama in the centre with other major powerful leaders either side, including, Angela Merkel, Putin, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, all with black and white faces, ashen looking even. Why is that ?

The stunned looking turtle


This could be a reference to the Fabien Society a powerful British political think-tank that has the motto “When I strike, I strike hard”. From what I can determine from this group, they are striving for a New World Order based on socialistic beliefs.

“The Fabian Society is a very old group originating in England in 1884, with the purpose of forming a single, global socialist state. They get their name from the Roman general Fabius, who used carefully planned strategies to slowly wear down his enemies over a long period of time to obtain victory. “Fabian Socialism” uses incremental change over a long period of time to slowly transform a state as opposed to using violent revolution for change. It is essentially socialism by stealth. Their original emblem was a shield with a wolf in sheep’s clothing holding a flag with the letters F.S. Today the international symbol of the Fabian Society is a turtle, with the motto below: “When I strike, I strike hard.”


Fabian Society members included H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Annie Besant, Graham Wallas, Tony Blair and Australia’s new ‘Prime Minister’ Julia Gillard, as New Zeal recently exposed.

Alice in wonderland and Numerology


In this picture we see Alice and two arrows with numbers on them, Alice is looking up towards the Chester cat who is known for disappearing only leaving its creepy grin behind. To me this portrays a fantasy, an illusion or deceit. The numbers could possibly represent dates, either 11/05/5 and 11/03/15 or 05/11/15 and 03/11/15, I know from studying Masonic numbers that the umber 11 is a representation of the two towers in freemasonry (Joachim and Boaz).



The ghost I the picture with a holiday magazine is a strange one and I can only speculate that it may be a reference to the disappearance of the Malaysian Airways flight MH370 ? Is it a creepy clue to the death of the passengers on board? again this is only a guess.

Mushroom Cloud


Probably the most unnerving part of the cover is the mushroom cloud which hovers above the head of David Cameron, the current British Prime Minister, just beside him is Winston Churchill, the WW2-era British Prime Minister, who has a rocket soaring up from his head. Does this suggest some possible link towards a new war? A WW3 maybe? Whatever its supposed to suggest is creepy to say the least.

The boy and the game board


The boy staring bewilderingly at the game board has the word “Panic” and “Federal Reserve” and very cleverly the start of a word “Ch” which could allude to China or Chicago ? At the bottom of the board there are he words “green light” and the end of the word “sis”, could this have been the green light for ISIS to start their jihad ?

Lady with a strange hat

Looking directly at the French Prime Minister Hollande is a lady with a rather strange looking hat, now as soon as I saw this it immediately reminded me of the famous Rothschild party pictures from the 70’s. If you are not familiar with this here is a link, http://uk.images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrBTvqMm8dU2d0AHwNLBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsa3ZzMnBvBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw–?_adv_prop=image&fr=chr-greentree_ie&va=rothschild+party+pictures

Very strange indeed.

Is the lady staring at Hollande, a message from the Rothschild’s to France, to stick to the rules or reap the consequences?

Final thought

There are many other interesting slices of this remarkable magazine cover which are open for debate, I definitely dot hold the answers to these picture riddles but I cant help but feel that this is a message from the elite. Its well known that they like to put things out into the mainstream, “secrets in plain sight” if you will. Personally I think this is an outline of the plan by the elite to further the agenda and push society towards consolidation of world power into the hands of the few (NWO).

Please feel free to debate and comment, thank you.



The Truth As It Changes;

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I believe the question we must ask ourselves, is do we fight fire with fire, or do we put it out altogether with water. If our answer is water, I believe we must only use the very simple tools given to us at birth to do so, our empathetic nature. It has dawned on me recently, that the institutions, systems, and ways of the Machine, that we have created and allowed for, all this time, seeks to destroy this empathetic nature that we posse, as they are aware of it’s power to thwart their efforts. What I am ultimately suggesting, is that we begin the process of changing what we value. I believe we value the wrong things the material, opposed to the more tangible human life and relationships, that are more vital to our survival than…

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Entering the matrix


Matrix perception

When I was young, maybe around 8 years of age, I had an overwhelming feeling that there was more to this five sense reality than what was being portrayed. I could feel “it” everywhere I went, whether it be at home in my room or at school, or even when I was partaking in a paper round to earn money for that paranormal magazine I so craved every two weeks.

I think, looking back, that the paranormal subject was, at the time, my first taste of the mystery that surrounded my inquisitiveness. Obviously I didn’t realise it at the time, but that first major interest in “mystery” was going to define the rest of my life, well until the present ripe old age of 32. I did experience different peaks and troughs, so to speak, but I always knew that somehow I was slightly different than the rest of my boyhood peers. I think life does do that to you, ups and downs like some rollercoaster at an amusement park , even the great Bill Hicks metaphorically defined life as a rollercoaster of subjective experience. Like a boomerang, intermittently, I always came back to that same old question….”what’s life all about”?

Leaving this question alone, putting it back to the darkest recesses of my mind while I experienced puberty and finding out what girls were all about, I eventually had an epiphany one day. That day was September 11, 2001, when, as you all know, the greatest terrorist attack in history took place. Now as an 18 year old assistant bar manager, at the time, I watched the events unfold in a kind of “Alice in wonderland naivety” and thought “could this really be possible”?

I watched the events unfold via your usual mainstream output and believed, as wet behind the ears as you tend to be at 18, that the protagonist of these wicked attacks was the now infamous Osama Bin Laden, as most people did on that fateful day. Now, prior to that day the term “conspiracy theorist” was a term id never really accustomed myself to as it was a word, or words which never really pierced the mainstream media to often. However, I was soon to here that word all to often in the subsequent years to come.

Even now, in 2015 them words still don’t resonate with me as I think they are used to loosely and derogatory towards people who seek answers to their questions, valid questions deserve valid answers. But something changed in me that day, just as it did when I was 8 and full of wonder and intrigue.

The journey began, and that journey started with a documentary about the inconsistency’s with the mainstream version of the events that day. Even today, 14 years on, the questions posed in that documentary have never been answered.

The point of this article isn’t about what happened on 9/11 or the paranormal, its about that feeling! The feeling that something isn’t quite right about this five sense world we currently live in. Now that “feeling” was taking off in my mind perpetually forward, questions, questions, questions filled head, day in, day out. I wondered what’s real? what’s not real? Even today I’m still not certain what is real, in terms of the political and social direction we are heading to least.

Today, I have less questions about the political affairs of this world and its motivations, but seem to have gained in my opinion, more answers. Without sounding condescending or aloof, I want to try and explain this statement to you.

I have spent a large part of my life searching for some hidden truth to my mystery’s, the “conspiracy’s” and such. Recently I have had another sort of awakening, you see, I’ve been asking the wrong  questions. I’ve been looking for the answers outside of me for many years, when all along, the light I have been seeking, the knowledge I crave, has been staring me in the face the whole time.

That knowledge is the realisation that there is no bad guy, there is no fear ! Fear is an idea, its a choice. We inherently, subconsciously, decide to be afraid. When you realise that the world is how it is because we made it that way, you start to take responsibility for it. Then, and only then, do you realise what that feeling is/was when you were young and untainted by the environment you grew up in. You see, we are all a product of our environment and that environment doesn’t allow for us as human beings to “take responsibility” for the actions we take. What we need to realise, as a species, is that “we” create our own reality. We are the masters of our future, the matrix is merely a conduit to our possible success.

This is my truth, this is my “matrix” and only “I” can dictate its possible outcomes.

What is your truth ? What kind of matrix can you create ?

Mainstream Psychosis and the Media Deception

With the events of the last few weeks I found it pertinent to ask the question, why are so many people in a state of psychosis?

As I am writing this, I’m currently in Canada on business, but en route to the airport, I entered a conversation about the recent events in France, namely the Charlie Hebdo killings. My taxi driver is a former army squaddie, and a person who I do class as a friend, however, after discussing the events in Paris and the subsequent shenanigans surrounding the farcical events, I came to a conclusion that even the most open minded of people can still be duped into believing the media lies surrounding false flag “terrorist” attacks.

The first instance of “dupiness” , if that’s even a word, regards the footage of the policeman being shot at virtually point blank range. Now I am no weapons expert but I have read enough about AK47’s and know that a bullet from one of them bad boys inflicts much trauma to say the least. But according to my ex squaddie taxi driver the lack of blood can be accounted for as the bullet “could have passed all the way through”…..really? Now maybe I gave my friend too much credence, being in the army and all that, but I thought that with his experience of warfare, he would agree that the footage lacked certain traits of a persons head being shot at point blank range.

Now, wet behind the ears I might be,  but he disagreed and even got tetchy at even then mention that the video could have been staged. Even just the idea that people would do such I thing couldn’t be comprehended by this ex decorated soldier. This scenario now begs a very different question. Is it me? or have certain people who normally you would class as intelligent, gone crazy ? or is it something fundamentally more sinister?

Is there a psychosis rotting the brains of the normally sane? For me its a clear cut false flag or a problem, reaction, solution scenario. As much as I tried to debate this point, I was treated with distain. I felt uncomfortable by this conversation by now and wondered weather to change the subject, but I held onto my nerve and pursued the reasons behind why he thought this was real.

“The Muslim’s have to go” was his reply ! It then dawned on me, the extent to which the power of the propaganda initiated by the media really has. I mean, the difference in opinion that we shared was getting to a point of  absurdity.

The mainstream media is a cancer on the good people of this country, and the world. It is an entity with unbridled power, which I probably underestimated. But how do we change this power struggle into the favour of the rational?

Is “divide and conquer”, the oldest trick in the book, still going to reign in a society which is said to be living in the age of awareness and information? How do we un-label the labelled? I know in this piece of writing, people reading this are going to wonder why I’m pondering so many questions, but the frustration of trying to open the eyes of the people I come into contact with is growing daily and I often wonder if there is a method which can be relied upon to enforce this mass awakening to the truth.

Taking a breath and contemplating this dilemma is probably a common trait for us all, but who has the answers? I know what’s true in my heart, and my head (well at least I hope so). How to we overcome this obstacle?

Anyway I’ve used enough question marks now in this rant, its now your turn to help me debate this question….!!!



Ego implosion and the root causes behind mankind’s insanity


What are the roots behind this veil of deceit within the human psyche?

Well let us start with the much misinterpreted “ego”, interpreting it in my way by describing it as the plight or battle of the mind/self.

For most historians, history begins with the civilisations of Egypt and Sumer, which emerged around 3500BCE. From that point on, until the present day, history is little more that a catalogue of endless wars, conflicts over boundaries, religion and invasions to win territory. These outward reasons for war aren’t as significant as one would first think, since the real cause of it all is the inner need which human beings have always had for conflict.

War, to the animal kingdom is an unknown concept. Violent behaviour of animals is mainly concentrated to changes in habitat or provocation by other primates. In the book, “The Egalitarians” by Margaret Power, primatologist, Jane Goodall, points out that in early studies of chimpanzees, they showed a general lack of violence until feeding patterns were disrupted, otherwise they were showed to be extremely peaceful.

Hypothetically, if we as a species were to be observed or studied by an intelligent entity outside of our existence (alien?), what would they think? They may ask (or be asking), why do humans find it so difficult to be happy? Depression, drug abuse, eating disorders – or else spending so much time oppressed by anxieties, worries or guilt?, or more pertinent, why we find it impossible to rest in a state of contentment. Our animal cousins don’t have this problem !



There seems to be a fundamental kind of relentlessness within us, which makes it difficult in situations where there isn’t something external for us to focus our attentions on. Think about your daily routine, most if not all of your productive day relies on your attention being focused outwardly. To the observer (alien) of us humans, they may well wonder why we go to such lengths to stay active and not give time to enjoy our inner selves. Even when our daily work is done, we still choose to relax by stimulating our need to look outward. A recent survey said that in the U.K we watch between 25-30 hours of T.V per week.

The French philosopher Pascal wrote, “The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to sit quietly in his room”, its as if we are afraid of ourselves.

Buddha once stated that “life is suffering” and in scripture states “an enemy can hurt an enemy, and a man who hates can harm another man, but a man’s mind, if wrongly directed, can do more him a far greater harm”.


In the current climate and since the industrial revolution, we have an insatiable thirst for material things, whether it be cars, houses, wealth or even sex. The idea that “things” can make us happy is quite literally absurd. We can all relate to this illusion, when we look at ourselves and our children, especially in the modern “civilised” western hemisphere, where this type of ” buy equals happy” is most visible. We purchase things which we falsely believe make us happy, but we all know from experience that, that feeling soon diminishes until the next “hit” at the shops. With this mind-set, materialism and consumerism prevails, only lining the pockets of the corporations who prey on the facets of the ego all to well.

This one quote always stuck with me…..”The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.

Letting go of our material objects, the gadgets, the fancy clothes and so on, will at first, be painful and equally liberating at the same time. Its this attachment to “things” that the ego craves, as it keeps us chained up in our lower, base desires. Letting go of these illusory attachments offends the ego, and you will feel it, as if it was “you”, but it isn’t, its a concept that’s been conditioning you since birth and left untreated or ignored, will condemn and control every aspect of your life without you even realising it.


I often wonder if the mainstream ideology’s of “normal” thought and behaviour are suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome type defect, a defect which keeps them so inured and dependant on the ego that its almost impossible to recognise who the enemy is. Non realisation of this wicked mental state keeps them in servitude and bound by the invisible tentacles of the ego.

Eckhart Tolle teaches to ” live in the now” and ” be the observer of your thoughts”, easier said than done unfortunately, but its a platform, a foundation at least. The inner workings of the ego are intricate and extensive, bearing difficult self awareness at every step.

Just as Satan is termed, the master deceiver, I’m sure that his story is metaphorical in many ways, but namely, can be superseded with the ego, which is also a master deceiver. He/it (ego) will tell you what to think, who to judge, tell you how special you are etc., he will stop at nothing to convince you that you are one and the same. DO NOT BE FOOLED.


So if man’s plight in this world is to be changed, if the human mind needs a new operating system, then where do we start?

Well, awareness of the self and the collective is imperative. Start to look within yourself instead of nonchalantly outwards. The hardest thing a man will ever do is look within himself. The bible and other religious scripture talk about “the light within” and look within thyself”. Deep down we all know this because we can all feel it if we are true to ourselves.

The greatest battle man will ever face is the battle of the mind.

“Loosing an illusion is wiser than finding the truth”